The heart is the first feature of working minds (sogoodornogood) wrote in aiken4clay,
The heart is the first feature of working minds

michael orland yearr 2

i posted last year about having a master class at the school i take voice at with mr. orland, and i just got back from this year's, right now.
he..uh..i knew i posted things.
and he made fun of me and my friend because we're superr clay fans.
oh well. it was super freaking awesome, and i got more clay dish.
i wrote on my Q&A card for the answer session..
"Tell us more about Clay!!"
and he took it and said he'd give it to him.
hahaha. if he did, i might die a little, in a good way.
i want his yearrrrrbooks that someone here posted on ebay.
but i just spent all my money on shoes.
i always do that.

think happy clay thoughts.
oh my, what's clay's dog's name again. brain fart!
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