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Freedom Hill concert

Anyone there last night? 

Thoughts on the concert? 
I personally thought it was really good. 

Did anyone stay after for him to come through the line? Boy how crazy that was! 25 minutes just to get a straight line! Thankfully I was near the front on where he started. 

That guy sure puts on a great show though!

Calling all Claymates...

Mods please delete if this is not allowed.

Can't find that Clay vid/song/pic you've been looking for? Then hop on over to clay_share.

You can request/post/share anything you like as long as it's to do with Clay.

We pride ourselves on being upto date on all the latest Clay news. You can see and download videos of Clay from David Foster's star search gala on the 9th of september, with live previews off the new album, you really don't want to miss out!

You can also stream Clay's new album there too. Take a look, see what you're missing out on.
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"Open Arms"?

I'm a Clay fan, have been for a while...but this is bothering me.

I'm trying to find a way to listen to "Open Arms". I would LOVE to hear his duet with Kelly Clarkson when he sang it, but I'd settle for the ordinary one, too. The problem is I'm not allowed to download anything because of 'The Head Honcho's" rules. (A.K.A. Dad...)

Does anyone have a file of this they could share, or that I could save and listen to on my computer? I'm a Mac user, too, so none of this "Left-and-right click", I have one way to click my mouse. ^_^0

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say hi to all of you. I love Clay and think he has an amazing voice. On top of that he is a really down to earth kind of guy and I like that. I would love to hear him sing live but I doubt he will be coming to Denmark any time soon.
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Question from a newbi

Hey! I have a question I was hoping you guys could help me out with. I was surfing through some fan vids just now and ran across one that used a song called "Open Arms" sung by Clay. When I googled the lyrics I found a track listing for an album called Extra Songs and it had all kinds of stuff on it. Now I've never even heard of this CD. Is it for real and if so where can I get it? It looked amazing! Thanks so much for your time!